I wanted to send you a quick update on what is happening under the Gold Dome so far this year.  To this point we have finished 18 Legislative Days this session.  I wanted to bring a couple key pieces of legislation to your attention.  

I have authored and introduced HB 1394 this week.  The bill aims to repeal the Georgia Department of Public Health’s authority to require persons to submit to vaccinations or other measures to prevent contagious or infectious diseases.  The bill states no jab. No passport. No masks for public and private businesses.  Additionally, many state legislatures have improperly delegated their powers to executive branch bureaucrats, who are now making many of the statewide COVID-19 decisions. Our elected representatives must reassert their authority over lawmaking. With your help, we can effectively act to stop the virus and do so in a manner that respects our rights.

The House also passed House Bill 1134, legislation which would allow the state’s attorney general to collaborate with local district attorneys to prosecute certain gang-related crimes across the state. Additionally, HB 1134 would allow the attorney general to employ peace officers for investigative purposes. This bill would also work in tandem with the governor’s plan to create the Gang Prosecution Unit in the attorney general’s office. HB 1134 has now been sent to the Senate for consideration.

Members of the Georgia General Assembly are seeking to pass what would be the strongest and most comprehensive gun control nullification bills in the country.  I have sponsored House Bill 597 (HB 597), titled the “Georgia Second Amendment Protection Act.”  The bill makes several declarations, including support for a limited federal government as stipulated in the 10th Amendment, and an elaboration of what policies the federal government and the Georgia state government can and cannot constitutionally enforce.  Importantly, HB 597 seeks to nullify both past and future unconstitutional firearm restrictions, like the 1934 National Firearms Act and the 1968 Gun Control Act. 

Please share your thoughts with me.  You can reach me at my capitol office at 404-656-0213, or via email at

As always, thank you for allowing me to serve as your State Representative for House District 20.