Ringing in the New Year is traditionally a time of anticipation and excitement.  We look forward to the twelve months ahead with the hope for joy and prosperity. And I wish for you joy and prosperity, along with a Happy New Year, in 2022.  Each New Year is a new beginning of hope renewed and 2022 is no different in that regard.  

What sets this year apart isn’t just that it is a crucial time for the direction of our country, state and community.  What also sets 2022 apart is what is behind us. The last few years have been emotionally testing and turbulent times.  There is important work to do to rebuild our economy, strengthen our country and get out of the morass of political correctness.  

The General Assembly has some crucial decisions ahead of us in the 2022 Legislative Session.  From election integrity, critical race theory, open borders, vaccine mandates, and police reform — our nation’s most important battles are taking place in state legislatures and Georgia is becoming an important front.  

You may have seen, I am a founding member of the newly formed Georgia State Freedom Caucus aimed to mirror the success the House Freedom Caucus has enjoyed in Congress keeping conservative principles to the forefront.  I joined a group of principled, America-First conservatives, committed to help better protect our liberties and American values.  

With the support of national, conservative groups including the House Freedom Caucus, we are committed to effectively fighting back against the establishment in Georgia and in Washington to bring power back close to the people, where it belongs.  Georgia is the first state of many across the country that will provide the framework of conservative elected officials to fight on behalf of all our freedoms.  

Helping form and join this effort was an easy decision me.  In my time in the General Assembly, I have earned the reputation as an outspoken conservative with a proven track record. I work hard to protect our liberties and never walk away from a fight when our liberties are on the line.   

One of the things that have made America great is that each generation has worked hard to leave our country better off than they found it.  There are currently forces at play working against this very foundational principal. We must be diligent, and we must work hard to appreciate the joy and prosperity of this great country.  

Even through a busy legislative schedule so far, I hope to continue to hear what you think about legislative matters that impact our community and our state. Please consider joining us tomorrow morning at Tavern at Towne Lake for coffee and a legislative update. You can reach me at my capitol office at 404-656-0213, or via email at Charlice.Byrd@house.ga.gov. 

As always, thank you for allowing me to serve as your State Representative for House District 20.